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Why should you worry about a logo or your brand/image?
Professional logo design is necessary to visually establish the identity
and the attitude of the company.
There is a lot more to establishing your brand than just a logo, but your logo is what people/customers remember. It is your top of mind “salesperson” that will be working 24/7 if you keep it in front of your prospects.
Bruce Lee, a true visionary in martial arts and business, said, “absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add something that is specifically your own.”
That approach is exactly how I create logos for my clients. The end result is a logo that is specifically your own. An image that has your industry in mind, but captures the “flavor” and nuances of your company.
Every company is unique - it has to be - because it is yours and you are unique.

So if you are using that clipart logo, or no logo at all, you should think again. Reevaluate. Ask some of your best customers what they think... their honest opinions.
“What do you think about my logo?”
Does it fit my company?
Does it hurt my company?
Does it portray my company as professional or amateur?

Tally your results. Did you get the thumbs down?
No worries, the world is here to help you. Rare Sky Studios is here to help you too.